Motivate Your Personal Training Clients

Use these tips to motivate your personal training clients

As a personal trainer, it’s your job to keep your clients fit and healthy, by ensuring they follow their fitness routine and nutrition plan. This may seem like an easy task, but not so when working with particularly stubborn or unmotivated clients. Getting unmotivated clients to shake off laziness, change their habits, and keep coming back to your health club or gym, can be difficult, but, hopefully, it can be done!

Naturally, offering good personal attention, in addition to coaching and guiding clients toward improvement, will inspire and keep your personal training clients motivated to work with you and reach their fitness goals.

That aside, here are more tips to consider if you’re looking to improve client motivation.

Set fitness incentives

Everyone likes to receive awards and presents.

Personal training clients work hard to achieve their goals, and rewarding them – when they reach a certain goal – can increase their motivation levels. You can reward them with a small trinket; a free smoothie; coffee with a friend; a free massage or new training clothes.

Conversely, you can introduce awards such as “Biggest Loser” or “Muscle Champ” to keep clients competitive yet motivated.

Make workouts fun

Workouts should be fun, not just tough and tiring.

Each time you train with your clients at Drench Fit, keep them positive and ensure they have a great experience. Try to remain upbeat and design varied and interesting workout plans. Also, try to make sure that each exercise has an exciting twist and a rejuvenating ending by rearranging sets, using varied timing and saving the favourite exercise for last.

Constantly find new, fun ways to make personal training a blast.

Track client progress

Clients are more likely to commit to your fitness program, for the long-term, if you keep showing them that they are hitting their goals.

First, help your personal training clients to set their goals. Turn these goals into measurable milestones. After every training session, measure their progress.

More importantly, make sure you show them tangible evidence that their efforts are paying off so as to reaffirm their motivation.

Set attainable goals

It’s important to set attainable and realistic goals for your clients and set deadlines.

Set goals that are crucial in helping a client live longer, look better and weigh less. Similarly, break long-term goals into short-term goals. For instance, if a client is set to lose 60 pounds of fat over a year; you can formulate this to 5 pounds a month.

This way, your clients will notice that they are making constant progress and therefore stick to their fitness routine.

Talk to your clients

Developing a personal bond with your clients helps you understand their motivation. You can even go to the extent that Gym To You take in Adelaide and offer life coaching & NLP in addition to fitness and boot camps. Of course, you need to have the qualifications & skill set to be offering something of this level, but will definitely add to the longevity of your relationships.

Whenever your client is down, find out what is frustrating them and try to motivate them. You should also support your clients through good and bad times. Likewise, interact with them on social media to monitor their progress and goals when not in the gym.

More essentially, always provide positive feedback when working out with your clients.

Over to you! Now you have the tips to keep your clients motivated, inspired and successful in attaining their goals.

Personal Training For A Better Body

Whether your priority is health or being svelte, personal training is the most effective way of helping you to achieve your fitness goals. A personal trainer can help you to draw up an exercise plan that targets your needs and helps you reach your fitness goals. He or she can help you by improving your overall quality of life as well.

To start off with, a professional can ensure that you work out safely, preventing over-strain and exercise related injuries. This is because he or she will make sure that you perform the exercises properly and more efficiently. This is particularly important for you if you have an existing health condition or injury.

A tailor made regiment will also deal with your problem areas. Most women, for instance, have difficulty losing weight and toning up their lower bodies. A personal trainer can help to target these problem areas with the appropriate exercises. This aspect of personal training will benefit you whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned professional at the gym. A trainer can customize and contour your fitness plan to meet your specific needs.

Many people have difficulty staying motivated about their exercise plan. A professional will do the necessary planning for you and be there to provide a push or words of encouragement when you feel unmotivated. This will motivate you to stick your workout plan and maintain the necessary self-discipline.

As they say, variety is the spice of life; it keeps things interesting and fresh. Similarly, a fitness professional can keep your regime fresh and interesting by varying your workout plan now and then. A diverse plan will also ensure you do not reach a plateau where your body stops responding to the exercises. A workout plan does not have to be limited to hours on the treadmill. There is room for fun as well, for example by working out at the beach or participating in sport.

A consummate professional will be able to give you advice on how to have a healthy lifestyle overall. This may be in the form of a diet plan to maximize results or how to squeeze exercise into your everyday routine.

Most people shy away from personal training because it is viewed as expensive. However, with the right research, you should be able to find a personal trainer that does not break the bank. You can look to the internet or scour your local gyms in search of a good deal. Some places even offer discounts on personal trainers when you sign up with the gym or introduce a friend to your gym. When you consider how a fitness professional can help you to transform your life, it can be a cost effective investment.

Personal training is a fun and effective way to go about achieving your fitness goals. A trainer can help you to develop an exercise routine that is varied and targeted to your needs. He or she will enable you to exercise safely while still achieving optimal performance. If you are thinking of transforming your life, hiring a personal trainer is something that you should consider doing.